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As a massage therapy student, you’re faced with researching and sorting through a number of workplace options when you enter the massage workforce. AMTA is here to help by offering you our Career Success Series. This series includes guides to help explain some of the different working environments that might interest you, as well as answer any burning questions you may have about them.

Working in a Healthcare Environment

More and more research is showing that massage therapy can be beneficial for health and wellness, including pain relief. As more and more consumers begin to understand the benefits of massage, opportunities for massage therapists to work within the health care community continue to rise.

This guide focuses on what a massage therapist can expect when working in a health care environment, as well as information on what you’ll need to prepare for this kind of work and the likely employment opportunities for massage therapists in health care in coming years. In-depth, candid profiles of two massage therapists who work in different types of health care environments will give you a look behind the scenes from a massage therapist’s perspective.

Working in a Spa

More than 136 million spa visits are made in the United States each year. As demand grows, career opportunities for qualified massage therapists also grow.

As the number of consumers seeking massage for stress reduction and relaxation continues to rise, massage therapists working in spas will continue to see clients looking to massage therapy for these two benefits. What’s more, the growth the spa industry experienced over the last decade indicates that employment within spas will continue to remain a viable and profitable option for massage therapists.

Working in a Franchise Environment

Whether you are currently an independent contractor or are seeking a position within a more structured environment, pursuing a career within a franchise may be for you.

This guide gives candid answers to questions about what it’s really like to work in a massage therapy franchise environment. It also includes comments by massage therapists on their experiences working in a franchise, as well as information provided by major massage therapy franchise executives.

Use and reference these guides now so you can be better prepared to start your career soon after massage school. Be on the look out for our next installment of AMTA’s Career Success Series on sports massage—online this summer!

Not sure which work setting is right for you? Take advantage of these other AMTA resources for students—Career Guidance section, Career Path Quiz and our very successful Mentoring Program.


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